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Imminent execution: Athleten Deutschland calls for supporting Navid Afkari

Berlin, September 10, 2020. Athleten Deutschland calls on the Iranian judiciary to stop the announced execution of the Iranian wrestler Navid Afkari, and thus has joined the international movement of sports and human rights organizations around the World Players Association in the past days.

Maximilian Klein, Representative for International Sports Policy: “We are confident that the German government is already doing everything in its power to halt the execution. At the same time, the IOC, influential sports associations such as United World Wrestling (UWW) or FIFA, as well as sponsors must use their influence to save Navid from death. A country that tramples on human rights in such a way cannot be part of the global sports world that is committed to the preservation of human dignity.”

Johannes Herber, CEO of Athleten Deutschland, adds: “We call on all athletes to unite in solidarity with Navid Afkari. As the athlete and sports community, we must protect him. If an athlete’s peaceful protest is countered with torture and execution, we cannot remain silent.”

The 27-year-old wrestler was sentenced to death twice after being tortured into making a false confession over the murder of a security officer after participating in a demonstration against the economic and political situation in the country in 2018.

The petition for Navid Afkari can be signed here. Solidarity expressions can be shared on social media under the hashtag #SaveNavidAfkari