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Statement on blatant security vulnerabilities of the My2022 app

Berlin, January 19, 2022. For a long time, there have been concerns that athletes and others could be spied on and subjected to surveillance. The revelations about the glaring IT security vulnerabilities of the My2022 app confirm our long-held fears. China has perfected its surveillance apparatus, has critics disappear, and commits blatant human rights violations. We should not be naïve and lightly dismiss scenarios that are unimaginable to us. Instead, the organizers and the IOC should be prepared for all conceivable scenarios – be it possible manipulation of Corona tests, surveillance and espionage, or reprisals against vocal athletes. The IOC should take appropriate action and be prepared as a purely precautionary measure to safeguard athletes’ rights and protect everyone involved as best as possible. However, it appears that the IOC and the organizers are not adequately fulfilling their duty of care, as the recent Citizen Lab report reveals. It is inexplicable and irresponsible of the IOC to require participants to use an app with such glaring security vulnerabilities. This makes it even more important that athletes protect themselves and do not use personal devices for the Games.