Athleten Deutschland is Germany’s first independent athlete association. Our mission is to represent, protect und elevate the rights and interests of German elite level athletes.

About us

Athleten Deutschland was founded in 2017 to give Germany’s elite athletes a real say for the first time. The association is committed to fundamentally change the German and international sporting system. Our focus is to represent, protect and empower our members 

We fight for working conditions which allow our members to fulfil their full potential as athletes and human beings alike. We stand for fair and clean sport, free from abuse and violence, manipulation and mismanagement. To fulfill our mission, we collaborate with various stakeholders from politics, business, science and civil society, as well as like-minded partners in Europe and around the world. 

Athletes Germany is funded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community based on a resolution of the German Bundestag. 

We represent your voice - strongly and independently.

We protect your rights, expand them and enforce them.

We are committed to your athletic and personal development.

Our Values


From diversity, one voice.

We are our members. They are our compass. Their experiences, their goals, their wishes. From their cohesion grows our self-confidence. We fight together for a modern sport that promotes athletes, respects people and protects our environment.


For big ideas, in action.

We rethink sport, we open doors. For our members and partners, for fans and people with good ideas. We listen, we ask. Our message is clear, our approach transparent. Out of the back rooms, to the athletes. To the public. Because sport belongs to everyone.


For us and for the sport.

In the beginning, there is action. Our times demand decisive action. That's why we lead the way: all in for athletes, anytime, anywhere. Without baggage, we react quickly and get things done. Athletes Germany on the move, self-determined on their own paths.


Excellent, in all arenas.

Our members are professionals, the very best in their field. They train with discipline and meticulousness, perseverance and passion. Their dedication is our standard, their attitude our benchmark. We fight point for point and show respect for the sport and all who make it possible. We are proud of our members and want them to be proud of Athletes Germany.

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Maximilian Klein

Stellvertretender Geschäftsführer